Is Inbound Marketing new or Just "Marketing Back to Home"


Is Inbound Marketing new or Just "Marketing Back to Home"

Before you start reading My Blog: I Am Stronger in Syntax Rather than Grammar, So here I am about Inbound Marketing.
When I first hit by word "Inbound Marketing", I was exited. And as once you hit any thing that makes you exited, soon you will be seeing it everywhere around you (you have also felt it sometime). So as a sudden, "Inbound Marketing" was a new Buzz word. I started studying it. It was exiting but soon my Logical Mind made a ring. Since I am working on Artificial Intelligence I see everywhere logic. I search Why, What, Where etc. And during my study I have found that "Big Problems have simple solutions and simple solutions are complex in explanation.". So I study Inbound Marketing my way and found some interesting facts.

Inbound Marketing: Really a new Buzz Word?

So what is inbound marketing: To represent yourself in such a way that attracts visitors to you. Then you engage them as long as you can, on your site/blog or whatever and try to make them your customer. Now Interesting Fact: What you do in Outbound Marketing !!! Think smartly and you will find that from the first business man in the world to every business man do the same.

So, Is there Nothing new in Inbound Marketing?

Yes, sure there is something new but the name given to this change "inbound" is not correct. But any way, it will be the new name for a while now. Any Marketing you do is actually always to produce some sort of inbound. This time its just new marketing fields opened like social marketing and blogging (that too are not new) . Just try to differentiate Inbound with Outbound, In every sense you are just targeting to convert your Visitors into Customers.

What Inbound Marketing is Actually!!!

As I see, its more of Branding than Marketing. All Symptoms of current Inbound Marketing tends to do Branding Rather than Marketing. Inbound Marketing do not promote you to say about your products, but it actually creates a platform where your visitor gives your product more preference than your competitors. Thats for sure is Branding. Branding has always been costlier than Marketing, till now. In the age of Digital Flooding, Branding can be cheaper than Marketing. Branding is always the preferred way of growth for companies. If you have proper tools in your hand, Branding can be cheaper and faster.

Why It's "Marketing Back To Home"?

Why I said this change as "Marketing Back To Home"? Yes, there is sure a reason. Lets understand Business Model (That will never change, even in 2050). We have a business that deals in either product or service. We need to tell it to others in terms of promotion. This promotion can be ethical or confusing (by hook or by crook). The business started from ethical and then there was a competition turning everything into confusion marketing. As I started to study Marketing I found that there is always a cycle wrapping one into other and then in reverse.

Inbound Marketing is just back Home. After a short fight on websites, SEO and Spamming emails, we are now again talking about showing what you really have in terms of social posts or blogging. We are not forcing to push products to customers. Genuinely. And thats why its Marketing Back Home.

Should You Adopt Inbound Marketing?

Why not! Go a head and do some nice Marketing. This is fresh and use it as much as you can before its too late for you. Do it before your competitors do it and flood the floor with their material.

I'll surly be coming with more. Since this is my first text, I am not going in more technical debates. So till next text, Enjoy Inbound Marketing and keep an eye on the fact that "is It really new buzz word".

Good Luck with Inbound Marketing. And yes you have an open source tool that will surely help you in the same. its xEpan CMS.

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Date: 2014-11-27