What will be there in V1.5 (50% Work Done)

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What will be there in V1.5 (50% Work Done)

Please Do not judge the following versions by looking at logic and algorithms in V 1.0, they are entirely different.

We have planned certain things very clearly for V 1.5. It's the Marketing Version of xEpan with AI.

Please read this version summary till the end.

The planned things are as follows:-

  • Better Intelligibility
  • Can detect important topics that a user missed and pop them up in "Did You Notice?" window.
  • Can detect that which content from the next pages should be most appropriate to show at a given moment in order to retain the interest of the visitor in the site.
  • More components to track the visitor's engagement on the site with content.
  • Marketing Automation at its best with AI.
  • Inbound Marketing with AI.
  • Stable Mind Framework for easy updates in future releases without changing the database structures.
  • Stores only the experience gained by learning, can purge all historic data.
Until we release this version, we need some practical working on the system to release matured and original algorithms out in the market. So, we have released V 1.0 as an initiative.
Please read V2.0 plannings as That will be the main xEpan AI.
Research Done: 70%
Coding Done: 20%
Date: 2014-10-11