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  • Is Inbound Marketing new or Just "Marketing Back to Home"
  • Inbound Marketing looks the new definition of Digital Marketing that can rule for a while in coming time. But what is it actually. Being one of Artificial Intelligence Designer I look things differently. So Here What I think about Inbound Marketing- Its just Marketing at Home. I Also tried to go deep in understanding that what will be there after Inbound Marketing..
  • What will be there in V 2.0 (70% work done)
  • NOTE: Please do not judge the upcoming text by looking at V1.0's logic and algorithms. The algorithms and working in V 2.0 are entirely different. We are actually working on two branches at a time.
    This is the Dream Version. We started with a vision that this version would be 1.0. But soon, we realized that the real thinking system will not understand the content in the format we know now. The whole content presentation will be changed....
  • What will be there in V1.5 (50% Work Done)
  • We have planned certain things very clearly for V 1.5. It's the Marketing Version of xEpan with AI.
    Please read this version summary till the end.

    The planned things are as follows:-

    • Better Intelligibility
    • Can detect important topics that a user missed and pop them up in "Did You Notice?" window.
  • A New Era of AI Enabled Web
  • Hello Everyone,
               This post is not just a concept but through it, we are forwarding some serious questions to the current web industry with some sort of answers as well. We have evolved a lot since our starting, but I'm going to stick with the web and online business only. Today, the market is ripe with Inbound Marketing, Big Data, Big Data Analysis and a more such concepts. As we get huge amount of data every second, it is analyzed and our digital presence is designed based on the collected data.
              We are about to introduce a new era in the Web Technology, but first lets get some things straight.
    Are we on the right path?  ...

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