Listing/ Blog/ e-Commerce made Easy

xEpan CMS combining content features ( Product Listing ), Blog and a complete E-commerce experience in a single platform. Creating and managing Blog, Portals and an e-commerce has never been easier.

Use xEpan as a Product Listing Portal
Creating Portals and Directory Listing Website is fun
Add Category in Multiple Group
Product with Multiple Category
Custom Detail & Design
Manage Portals & Inquiries

Use xEpan as a Blogging Platform
Just a few options and Be Ready for your next generation Blogging Application.
Multiple Blogs
Powerful Comment System
  Drag & Dop Design of Blogs

Use xEpan as a E-commerce Website
In a few clicks you can sell anything online
Make Listed Product Saleable
Setting up Carts & Accounts
Manage Orders & Payment
Place Order & Shipping

Or Use xEpan for All at once