Are you a
Programmer /
Logic Developer /
Content Writer /
Designer ?

So, At least the project catch your attention and you also want to contribute or want to associate. You are most welcome. Here are a few of our suggestions how you can contribute with the project.

1. Use xEpan: Yes! It will be your first and very important contribution to xEpan. Its a good start of association as well.

2. Write on us: If you run a blog, write [ good :) ] about xEpan and us. It will be your contribution to xEpan community. Please do send us the links of your blog. We may promote your blog further. Or even you can start posting on social sites. (send us your social identity so that we can share your views further officially). You can use facebook, linkedin, twitter or any other social site.

3. Write for us officially: If you are a good content writer, you can write our official documentation or tutorials. Your content will be placed on xEpan's official site. To be our official associate you need to put a badge of xEpan on your site's home page (provided by us and linked to For your official contributions, we will place you at our community page with your logo and link to your site*. Here you will be provided special support in writing documentation for the system.

4. Buy official support or buy us a beer: Yap! every efforts need money. To keep up running this good and noble work we do need money. So please buy official support, that's it.

5. Arrange Webinar and Seminars for xEpan training sessions (xEpan Day): You can always arrange a webinar or seminar of IT people. We can provide online/offline training for easy development of web as well as Rapid programming system. We are also good at Agiletoolkit Programming, Oops system implementation, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. We are ready to share our knowledge. If you run an IT training centre, xEpan provides certificate for students clearing xEpan's Web and Programming Exam. You can have an associated training centre as well.

6. Just throw us a million dollar job-work (We will not regret you for sure).

Any Other Idea you have .. Just tell us.

From our long professional life we found that its rare to find regular and genuine contributors. We do not want spot interested candidates.

Still reading this line ... write us to or fill the form =>>

Or at least share the site on various media and write about us, as a start!

* fair policy applicable from xEpan, ask for more.

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