Digital Marketing Management

As a business owner or marketer, your main goals are clear. You want people to find you on the web, like what they see, and eventually become your customer. In business terms, you want people to become visitors, convert visitors to leads, and convert leads to deals.  How can you make that happen? 

xEpan's Digital Marketing Management is the combination of Inbound & Outbound Marketing techniques that allows you to do just that

Analytics Tools
Extensive Data Collection

Customized Information Extractions
Visual Analytics Display

Social Marketing/Blogging/Email Campaigns
Powerful Inbound Marketing with scheduling

Digital Marketing Manager 
xEpan Provides Centralized Marketing Campaign Management for Inbound and outbound Marketing.
Campaign can be scheduled by either Statics Dates or Dynamic as per each Subscriber    
Category Selection
Every Campaign can focus on selected candidates to target for outbound marketing.
Outbound Marketing
Schedule which email/newsletter to be send on which date based on campaign type.
Inbound Marketing
Schedule status update, URL and Image Share, External Blog post on specific date and time. 
Powerful Data Grabber
Outbound Marketing Helper
Grab data from
any website, portal or search engine
filter data grab
by search phrases
Auto Categorization
of grabbed emails
Duplicate filter